GELIFIED alcohols 

Our gelified cooking alcohols are particularly esteemed by ice cream manufacturers and pastry cooks, for their consistency as well as their aromatic value. This method of gelification in no way alters the taste or the aroma of the product...

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    Pulco Concentrés is a traditional brand with strong values: naturality, authenticity, know-how.




Created in 1973, the Pulco concentrated range offfers the natural character of pressed fruits (between 44% and 96% of fruit according to the product).

Pulco Lemon, Pulco Lime and Pulco Orange will make your life easier by providing you with the freshness and the flavor of pressed fruits in only a few centiliters.

Invented by a lazy cook in 1973, Pulco is quite naturally used in the kitchen. It is for that purpose that Pulco invented a more concentrated formula, with 60% of lemon, for professional use. A real asset in particular for recipes which require little liquid. Pulco products will work wonders in pastry recipes and will allow you to create sauces and light perfumed vinaigrettes.



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The company Toschi was established in 1945 in Vignola (Modena), when Giancarlo and Lanfranco Toschi first dipped the famous Vignola cherries into alcohol to preserve them and enjoy them all year round.


The mission of Toschi Vignola Srl is to offer quality products to the market, at the same time respecting tradition and territorial features.
Over its 65 years in the business, the company has enormously enlarged its range of products; now they range from fruits steeped in alcohol, semiprocessed products for pastry makers and ice-cream parlours (Toppings for garnishes, ice-cream bases, etc.), to the Aceto Balsamico di Modena IGP (PGI, protected geographical indication).
Please don't hesitate to contact us for more information about the Toschi® brand.
Alcohol can damage your health.