GELIFIED alcohols 

Our gelified cooking alcohols are particularly esteemed by ice cream manufacturers and pastry cooks, for their consistency as well as their aromatic value. This method of gelification in no way alters the taste or the aroma of the product...

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Pionneer of French gastronomy

Recognized today as one of the pioneers in its field and belonging to the Louis Royer Group, Louis Saveur has dedicated more than half a century to developing and improving alcohol based ingredients, for professionals of the food industry.

Cooking alcohols, historical elements of French gastronomy, were for a long time subject to the same taxes as drinking alcohols. Having become a genuine concern for chefs, in the calculation of the cost price of their recipes, was developed a process consisting of adding salt and pepper to alcohols. This denaturation allows these alcohols, now inedible in their present state, to be recognized as ingredients rather than regular alcohols and consequently benefit from of a decrease in taxes.





Mr. André Royer, head of Louis Royer Group and close to leading players of the gastronomy industry, engaged in conversations in 1958 with the French authorities to obtain a removal of taxes on cooking alcohols.
The gastronomy entity of Louis Royer Group, named Louis Saveur in 1992, has immortalized this spirit of progress and innovation, offering ranges of products in accordance with the strict requirements of food industry professionals.





Alcohol can damage your health.