GELIFIED alcohols 

Our gelified cooking alcohols are particularly esteemed by ice cream manufacturers and pastry cooks, for their consistency as well as their aromatic value. This method of gelification in no way alters the taste or the aroma of the product...

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Louis Saveur brands



Chef Louis, a French brand dedicated to gastronomy since 1992.

Flavor creator for more than 20 years, Chef Louis® is a reference brand in the world of gastronomy. Dedicated since its creation to offering ingredients of the highest quality, Chef Louis® offers a complete range of cooking alcohols, aroma preparations, fruits and fruit juices. 

Culinary expertise

Chef Louis's aim ? To allow professionals such as you to create recipes which will be enjoyed by many.

Chef Louis, creator of trends, develops innovative solutions to accompany professionals in their daily quest for taste.


Enhance your pastries !
Powerful flavour, the result of perfectly balances aromas


Galiote Flaveur des Antilles rum, 54% vol., is a blend of 4 West Indies rums:

Traditionnal Guadeloupe rum
Traditional Rum is an amber colored eau de vie that comes from the fermentation of alcohol as well as the distillation of syrups that result from the treatment and the extraction of the cane sugar.

Grand-Arôme Galion rum from Martinique
Grand-Arôme Galion is a traditional rum enriched by  the recycling of part of the juices released at the foot of the distillation columm.

Jamaïcan rum
Very aromatic, of a powerful character, Jamaica rum is an unavoidable reference, appreciated since the end of the 17th century.

West Indies Agricultural rum
Agricultural rum comes directly from fermentation of the sugar canes.

Arômes, puissance, équilibre et harmonie sont les maîtres mots de la marque Galiote. Cette marque est recommandée par les professionnels de la pâtisserie.


A gourmet brand

Proud to share with you its many years of expertise, Louis Saveur invites you to discover Cherry'z®, a brand which will surprise even the most qualified gastronomes. Dedicated to gourmets in search of authentic flavors, subtlety and elegance are the key words of this brand. 

These delicious sun-kissed Morello cherries are sure to delight many a palate.




The soul of the réunion island

The renown of Charrette® as the finests Rums for Punch and Cocktails, is essentially due to its implication into making authentics products, in concerns of the respect of the human values et its terroir/homeland preservation.

Because these values are are also crafts essence, Charrette now propose a new range fully designed to the food professionals that meet all the needed criteria for their applications.

Composed of Rums basis, coming from the Island of Réunion distilleries, which brings fruits aromas and caramel, then blended with some other rums from miscellaneous origins to enlarge its aromatic richness, the Rhum « Le pâtissier Classique » and « Le Pâtissier Intense » fulfill their intended purposes into Gastronomy applications where rum is needed : Flambé, soaking, …

In the range of the « Rhums arrangés » (not pure rums), considered as spirit, "L’ORANGÉ" and "LE VANILLÉ" are issued from aroma maceration based on Charrette Gastronomy Rum. They are highly appreciated as aromatic note, syrup ...

Charrette meets the professionals with its Gastronomy Range, in a simple way to serve you !





Alcohol can damage your health.