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Our gelified cooking alcohols are particularly esteemed by ice cream manufacturers and pastry cooks, for their consistency as well as their aromatic value. This method of gelification in no way alters the taste or the aroma of the product...

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Charrette - Pâtissier Intense Rum

Category:  Flavoring - Flambé - Sauces




Composed of Rums basis, coming from the Island of Réunion distilleries, which brings fruits aromas and caramel, then blended with some other rums from miscellaneous origins to enlarge its aromatic richness, the Rhum « Le pâtissier Classique » and « Le Pâtissier Intense » fulfill their intended purposes into Gastronomy applications where rum is needed : Flambé, soaking, …

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For professional use only.

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Recipe Ideas

  • Rum baba
  • Tiramisu
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